Value-Based Customer Service

Standard course duration: 24 hours

This course develops participant’s customer service skills through recognizing and dealing with the customer’s emotions, using listening and questioning skills, and presenting information to satisfy customers. Participants will learn to create rapport with any customer or co-worker, and work toward positive outcomes. Value-Based Customer Service is designed for participants to actively participate with peers in the training workshop. This training program encourages participants to improve their knowledge and skills by integrating work-related situations into the workshop.

This will be accomplished by identifying Customer Service excellence through achieving the following objectives:

  • Doing a Customer Service Analysis
  • Identifying “Blocks” to Excellent Customer Service
  • Identifying Key Customer Service Skills
  • Recognizing the Customer’s Emotional Level
  • Identifying Positive and Negative Listening Responses
  • Using Questions to Gather Information
  • Presenting Information to Satisfy Customers
  • Developing Effective Language
  • Dealing With Anger and Other Negative Emotions in Customers
  • Determining Your Level of Empowerment with Customers
  • Using Effective Telephone Skills

Upon completion of this course participants will have learned how to build trust and encourage repeat business; increase customer satisfaction from internal and external customers, deal with dissatisfied customers; and determine what customers really want and how to meet those needs.

Critical Skills of Customer Service

Standard course duration: 8 hours

This course leads participants through an interactive analysis of who their customers are and what skills are critical to meeting customer expectations. The course explores the communication skills of listening and presenting, discusses communication barriers and how to overcome them; all supported by participative activities. Next, it tackles dealing with challenges common to customer service – difficult customers, conflict, “characters” and problem solving. The course concludes with the concepts of customer service as a team effort and measuring customer service performance.

The course objective is to increase participant awareness of the personal skills critical to success in a customer service role, to provide examples and experience with these skills and to stimulate interest in continued improvement through retrospective review and feedback. Specific content includes:

  • Definition of customer service
  • Identifying your customers
  • Identifying customer needs and expectations
  • Skills Critical to customer service excellence
  • Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Challenges
  • The Team Approach
  • Measuring customer service performance

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the concept of customer service and the skills required to fulfill customer needs and exceed customer expectations. They will be aware of challenges and prepared to deal with them effectively; as well as continuing to develop their skills through practice and review.

Building Strong Customer Relationships

Standard course duration: 8 hours

This course provides tools to conduct customer audits and listen to customer feedback. The course teaches techniques for developing a customer focus and committing employees to excellent customer service.

It presents:

  • How to really understand and communicate the expectations of your customers, and how to take actions needed to exceed those expectations
  • How to develop an extraordinary personal customer focus and to create a customer-centric culture
  • How to implement the 3 foundation blocks of an outstanding customer service program
  • How to keep and improve a customer-friendly culture after implementation
  • How to identify and avoid 5 common pitfalls on the road to excellence

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Know their customers
  • Develop a customer focus
  • Implement a customer service program
  • Maintain a customer friendly culture

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Standard course duration: 8 hours

This course teaches how to calm angry customers and resolve their complaints while keeping your cool. The course presents how to look at the customer with new eyes, adopt the customer’s perspective, identify what the customer really wants, earn the customer’s confidence, manage your emotions, deal with customer’s emotions, communicate effectively, develop win-win solutions, follow through on resolution and prevention, and build a lasting relationship.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand difficult customers
  • Respond to customer complaints
  • Secure future business
  • Increase customer satisfaction and expand customer base