SUTTON, MA, September 30, 2015 — J&G Foods, Inc., a custom fresh meat provider, today announced its collaboration with ManageAssist, in conjunction with a Massachusetts state funded grant, to deliver a comprehensive training program that is aimed at educating J&G’s employees with many of the core tools necessary for highly efficient food manufacturing.

Many of the classes focus on “lean” principles, which involve an attack on waste in an organization. Companies that embrace these philosophies can see immediate results, including increased profits and benefits to employees.

There are a total of 17 courses, which include Principles of Lean Manufacturing, Identifying and Eliminating Waste, Effective Supervision, Teamwork for Results, Effective Management Practices, and Business Process Analysis and Improvement.

“Manufacturing is competitive and consumers demand quality and value, so you have to excel every day. This starts with people and the more educated everyone is about best practices the better an organization will be,” says Bill Leva, Chief Operations Officer at J&G Foods. Leva also states, “I am excited about the partnership with ManageAssist. Their knowledgeable and personable instructors interact with our associates very professionally and impart them with the education necessary in getting them to understand their role in making themselves and the company successful.”

Val Rapaport, the Managing Director for ManageAssist, offers, “As a training provider we often face a resistance to change when teaching Lean Manufacturing classes. Not so at J&G Foods. J&G Foods is a performance-driven organization that is continuously striving to improve their performance, to realize industry best practices. They encourage learning and the free flow of ideas. Classes are comprised of a mix of hourly and salaried employees working together to identify how they could utilize learned skills to achieve even higher levels of performance. Class exercises often develop into actual improvement initiatives as lessons learned are quickly implemented. It is most gratifying to see skills learned being put to use as soon as they are taught. We are proud to be a part of J&G Foods journey to continually improve their performance in all organizational areas.”

J & G Foods’ 18-month training collaboration with ManageAssist is scheduled to continue through mid-January 2016.

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