Chicopee, MA June 15, 2017 – National Vinyl LLC announced that they completed a comprehensive training program delivered by ManageAssist, Inc., in conjunction with a Massachusetts state funded grant.  The training program has been able to generate awareness and active participation of their employees in a comprehensive array of areas, including Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Inventory Management and Value-Based Customer Service.

National Vinyl LLC is a manufacturer of windows and doors with American-made components, utilizing the finest technologies in the fenestration industry, as well as Patio and French Style patio and swing doors, entry doors, window and door awnings, shutters and storm windows and doors.

ManageAssist, Inc. is a corporate training firm that offers a broad range of practical training programs which consistently satisfy their clients’ needs and expectations.  Since 2000 they have been offering training solutions that have been specifically designed to meet the ever growing needs of today’s organizations. Please visit ManageAssist, Inc. at

According to Scott Channell, National Vinyl’s General Manager, “With the training we received from ManageAssist Inc. we can implement better cost controls on inventory, minimizing stock-outs and improving turns. Production Planning & Scheduling gave us a better understanding of our internal processes and how each process affects the next.  With this information, we were able to improve how orders move from the customer to the production floor, improving through-put and efficiency.  Value Based Customer Service has given all of our personnel a better understanding of how to handle different situations, whether it be with internal or external customers.  This helps provide a better environment for overall success of both the business and those involved.”

“Our customers”, Mr. Channell continued, “will benefit from improved lead-times, on-time deliveries, reduced back-orders and overall better customer service. These all lead to better cash flow, by allowing our customers to finish projects on time or even quicker.”

One of National Vinyl’s other executives pointed out that, “The combined training, past and future, will ensure the long-term success of our organization, and bring us to the forefront of industry standards becoming a benchmark for our competition to emulate. With improvements in all aspects of our business, from sales, to shipping, and everything in between, goals in both growth and personal development are being achieved”.

Employees had positive feedback about the training including, “Inventory control, getting a better grasp of our inventory needs and usage, are tools to help better resolve issues and challenges. By using the skills learned, we will be able to reduce scrap.  Bringing more personnel into the problem-solving process will allow for an entire team process, which solidifies long term success.”  He added that “Classes helped open up our minds to new ideas and concepts of how we do our daily tasks.  This allows us to improve as both a company and individually.  The Value Based Customer Service gave us a better understanding of working with both our internal and external customers for increased overall satisfaction.”

When asked how National Vinyl LLC went about selecting a training company, Mr. Channell said, “We selected ManageAssist to utilize the skills of their professional trainers, to educate best practices and keep our team on task. In the end, we were able to complete the training on a timely basis and begin implementation of our newly acquired skills into our daily operation immediately.”

ManageAssist noted that “The employees of National Vinyl were a pleasure to work with.  They were extremely receptive to the concepts being taught and asked great questions regarding how they should apply those concepts to their specific areas of responsibility”

“The Materials Management function has gained the skills to transform their receiving and issuance processes, thereby allowing them to move from a monthly Physical Inventory to a Cycle Count process, ManageAssist continued. “With the additional training the employees received, National Vinyl employees now have the skills to eliminate costly, non-value added processes and to improve their processes through waste elimination via Lean, root cause / countermeasure techniques, leading to higher customer satisfaction by improving quality and reducing lead times.”

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