Our Services

Our Services 2019-10-02T12:43:12-05:00

ManageAssist, Inc. offers four main services:

Training Engagements – Grant Funded

  • MAI Advisors walk you through the grant funding process and help you submit training grants requests to your state. If awarded, our instructors deliver the training at your location and our teams help you maintain compliance to ensure correct payment or reimbursement for the training provided.

Training Engagements – Direct Paid

  • MAI Advisors work with you to plan out a training program. Our instructors deliver the training at your location. Our team helps with scheduling and administration related to the training.

Consulting – Direct Paid

  • MAI Advisors or Instructors consult on real business topics for practical solutions. Please contact for more details.

Grant Writing – Direct Paid

  • MAI Advisors help with grant writing needs that are not connected to training engagements. Please contact for more details.

To more about these services, call 732-888-0245 or email info@manageassist.com. Complete the CONTACT US form to request a call from an advisor.