Zodiac Innovative Power Solutions

Continuous Improvement Lead

I have worked with and been trained by the instructor provided by ManageAssist as part of his training activities within Zodiac Innovative Power Solutions, where I worked as the Continuous Improvement Lead. The training he provided on behalf of his company ManageAssist, Inc., was of high standards and of great help to our organization. The instructor did an excellent job at planning helpful training by understanding the needs of our organization and providing them in an effective manner. His great communication style helped all levels of our company understand the needs for process improvement activities and initiate its dynamic. The qualitative contents and the variety of the training such as Lean principles, 5S methodology, Green Belt training course, helped us achieve culture change and empower the Lean initiatives. Additional to the training, the time spent on guidance for the implementation of numerous projects was deeply appreciated. It helped us put in practice the theories he was teaching and achieve higher efficiency, which brought us on step closer to the company’s objectives. It is therefore, with great pleasure, that I recommend ManageAssist and its instructors for your organization. Their talent, work ethic, knowledge and training style will provide your organization the insight and motivation to bring it to the next level. Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss my experience with our instructor or the ManageAssist training program in greater detail.

World and Main (Cranbury) LLC

Director of Finance

I am writing this letter to thank the ManageAssist team for the opportunity to work with and learn from their instructor. He was our instructor at World and Main (Cranbury), LLC through the N.J. State Grant program. While I was with the organization in the role of Payroll and Benefits Manager, I had the opportunity to attend the “Managing Organizational Performance” class that was held for a period of 18 weeks. The class offered us the ability to understand the fundamentals of managing performance for an organization, and how to specifically apply those principles to our organization. He took the time to understand from those of us in the class what our individual needs were for Managing our departments/processes and helped us to tailor our plans and views. I have since taken a position as a Director of Finance with a new organization, and the first thing that I did after learning about what some of my new job would entail was contact our instructor for some information and opinions. His adaptability to assist any organization is an incredible skill. I was able to take what I learned from the class that I attended and immediately brainstorm for my new organization. He is a great resource to have as I continue to develop in my career. He taught me to understand that finding the founding principles of an organization is critical to understanding what needs to be done. The passion and enthusiasm for continued learning and the encouragement to always implement best practices and lead by example are what has inspired me to write this letter. I would recommend ManageAssist, Inc. to any company that is interested in developing a plan for continuous improvement, and to any organization that needs help changing their culture.

Washington Mills

Plant Manager

The impact the training had on our management group is probably the best described in context of where we were 6 months back compared to present. We were a facility undergoing extensive change from a cultural perspective as well as experiencing historic levels of management personnel change. More critical at the time was the intensity of “silo” management that was existing within a rather small footprint that was exacerbated by a mindset of “we have always done it this way”. The instructor assigned to our training took the time to understand the existing status quo and set about formulating a program for us that provided a platform for our group to express their discontent with the status quo. This allowed us to see the issues for what they were, commit to a new start and set about a path of continuous improvement. He had a unique way of making a group of people comfortable to express their concerns as well as to coach people through various tools, to accept change and move on. Vastly experienced in improving challenging settings, his Ten Commandments as well as his mission to make work fun are extremely helpful in forging a new path forward. On a personal note, the instructor was a sounding board for me personally as well as a confidante on many aspect related not only to work, but also in relationships in general. That is, in essence, what it is all about.

Earth Friendly Products

Office Manager – NJ Division

On behalf of myself and our entire team here at Earth Friendly Products’ New Jersey Division, I would like to commend ManageAssist and the instructor assigned to our training, on their utmost educational and informative training sessions provided over the past seven months from Teamwork for Results through Kaizen Workshop. The trainer, couples with their informative training material engaged all levels of employees at our facility and each one of us felt the determination, values and respect to our needs from day one. The instructor’s emotional intelligence was easily proven through his listening skills and the interactive participation of each and every employee. The impact of the training left an eternal impression of knowledge and wisdom that we will carry with us in business, as well as our personal lives. We believe that the dedication to our company by ManageAssist team, coupled with the instructor’s motivation, expertise and professionalism will be beneficial to our Senior Executives at EEP and highly recommend the opportunity for future training and further development. We look forward to additional learning opportunities with ManageAssist in the near future.

Spectro Scientific

Director of Human Resources

We would like to thank ManageAssist for assigning the instructor that provided the training services to our employees. The topics he taught were useful and realistic to our business. Each session was structured around relevant opportunities within our company and he made the sessions relate to real life. He was extremely well prepared and his training style promoted openness and transparency. The sessions were interactive as he encouraged others to share their experiences and best practices. Although there were presentation slides for each class, the class was taught beyond the slides using examples that as a learning tool that were highly effective. We recommend ManageAssist and their instructors without hesitation or reservation.

Material Handling Supply

Human Resources Manager

We at MHS Lift have seen positive results by participating in the training program with ManageAssist. The skills gained has enabled us to service our existing customers better and increase our market share. Our supervisors have incorporated skills learned in their curriculum. Inside and outside customer support has provided superior results to our customers. We have gained new customers in each of our territories. Our staff has a better appreciation for their own as well as their co-worker’s contribution which without question made us a stronger company in comparison to our competitors. The instructor that was assigned to us by ManageAssist, was not only knowledgeable about the material, but his experience in business added to the training. He was able to share experiences creating an environment where people felt comfortable, sharing experiences relative to topic which created good discussion. The instructor took the time to get to know our staff and business and became a resource to consult with in regards to issues that came up. We would highly recommend ManageAssist. We look forward to working with them on our next training program.


Manager, Human Resources

It is with great pleasure and no reservation that I write a letter of recommendation for the ManageAssist team and specifically the instructor that was assigned to us. The instructor provided professional training sessions for us for over one year on subject matters that included: Supplier Performance, Finance, Problem Solving, Organizational Performance, Implementing Workplace Organization and Value Stream Mapping. No matter what the training session, the instructor possessed in depth subject expertise. He has a great personality and effective interpersonal skills needed to connect and build a strong rapport with our team.

References available upon request.