Results so far from the year-long effort to implement a Strategic Plan for future growth have been very promising, according to Carey Rhoten, Chairman of THG Corporation. The four primary key areas within the Strategic Planning effort involve The Hope Group, Sorensen Systems, Hope Air Systems, and the Parker Store Retail.

Each of the four major key areas has a series of specific dollar, productivity, and performance goals that were published with the original planning document. This document serves as the guide for the monthly update meetings where progress is assessed and adjustments made as necessary.

From the beginning, when the concept was introduced that a long-term planning process was needed, the emphasis has been to include all of THG’s employees in the process. A group of 14 managers have participated as a working committee and other employees have been incorporated into the process as it moved forward. But, right from the outset, all employees were invited to submit their comments and ideas as to what our strengths and weaknesses were as a company. All employees had the chance to write down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) from their perspective. With over 500 various responses,the professional organization, CEO Resources Inc, which is coordinating the effort, collected, summarized and analyzed the data to help the working committee sort out what work should be done first.

According to Carey Rhoten, the employees are being asked to submit their written comments again so that a current view is collected of how the company is operating and how it might do better.“Without employee involvement, this process is not complete. We must hear what people think and take action accordingly,” he said.

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