(PRWEB) JUNE 26, 2017

White Conveyors, Inc. announced that they completed a comprehensive training program, delivered by ManageAssist, Inc. in conjunction with a New Jersey state funded grant. The intensive four-month training program, which included Fundamentals of Blueprint Reading, Critical Skills of Customer Service, Effective Communications Skills and Fundamentals of Project Management has been able to significantly upgrade the communications skills of the company’s employees, and their ability to perform their duties more accurately and efficiently.

White Conveyors, a 3rd generation family-owned company, offers a full line of advanced garment and linen material handling solutions.  Its products include manual to fully automated sorting, transport, and storage/retrieval systems serving the dry cleaning, hotel/resort, industrial laundry, hospital, and retail markets. White’s customized solutions are designed to improve productivity, increase profitability, and provide a fast return-on-investment. www.white-conveyors.com

ManageAssist, Inc. is a corporate training firm that offers a broad range of practical training programs which consistently satisfy their clients’ needs and expectations.  Since 2000, they have been offering training solutions that have been specifically designed to meet the ever growing needs of today’s organizations. Please visit ManageAssist, Inc. at www.manageassist.com

According to John Moore, Director of Operations for White Conveyors, “White has thrived for over 70 years thanks to its incredible team that has made it their mission to guarantee our customers get nothing but the best quality product we have to offer. White’s future can and will be equally successful as long as we keep investing in our team and helping them to increase their skills through training and mentoring.”

One of the participating employees added that “Going through the training really allowed people from different departments the chance to learn from each other. The trainer helped to facilitate the exchange of ideas that we otherwise wouldn’t have thought of on our own. Learning how to better manage projects, through the methods taught to us, has helped to eliminate a lot of the issues we faced in the past.”

When Mr. Moore was asked why White Conveyors selected ManageAssist for this training, he replied, “White recognized that the only way to surpass the level that had currently been reached was by investing in our employees and helping them to acquire additional skills, which will aid the company in the future challenges we face. Hiring ManageAssist seemed only natural to help us accomplish this goal.”

ManageAssist noted that, “Fundamentals of Blueprint Reading” training was very much hands-on using White Conveyors’ drawings and additional material supplied by the by the trainer.  Each class addressed a specific topic and approach to learning Blueprint reading. Each participant showed a level of proficiency to understand the material. The participants were actively involved as they were asked to demonstrate their understanding using sketches, pre-testing, and questions. “The impact this training will have is a defined disciplined approach to reading blueprints that will result in: fewer mistakes, higher output and quality, better worker self-esteem, improved on-time delivery, less rework, improved profitability, and improved Customer Satisfaction.”

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